Seafarers Recruitment Process & Current Service including Complaint Procedure


Nospol Co Ltd was registered in 1991, and its activity started in 1995. The company’s domain is sea specialists (Deck Officers, Marine Engineers, Deckhands and repairs crews) finding, verification and crewing for foreign shipowners’ vessels – especially from Western Europe.

First years of activity were spent on building up the company’s image on the market of crewing services. In spite of strong domestic and foreign competition we managed to reach the goal.
At the present time, after our position has been established, we are looking for possibilities of broadening the scope of our services and winning new contractors.

One of the tools for reaching the above objectives is enhancement of our services quality, among others through getting the certificate of conformity of the quality system with the ISO 9002 standard in 2001.
In September 2005 the Quality Management System compliant with the requirements of the PN-EN ISO 9001:2001 standard was implemented in our company.
In October 2009 the company has adjusted QMS according with requirements of the PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 standards and in November 2017 according requirements of PN-EN ISO 9001:2015.
Furthermore our Manual will satisfy the requirements of MLC 2006.
It means that Norspol comply with requirements of the MLC2006 regulation 1.4. recruitment and placement services.
Company has adjusted QMS according with requirements of above regulation in April 2013.

We guarantee that all seafarers have access to an efficient, adequate and accountable system for finding employment on board ship without charge to the seafarer.
The employment, engagement or work on board a ship of any person under the age of 18 is prohibited.

Seafarers shall not work on a ship unless they are certified as medically fit to perform their duties, trained or certified as competent or otherwise qualified to perform their duties, have successfully completed training for personal safety on board ship.

Norspol guarantee that seafarers have a fair employment agreement.
The terms and conditions for employment of a seafarer shall be set out or referred to in a clear written legally enforceable agreement and shall be consistent with the standards set out in the Code.
Seafarers’ employment agreements shall be agreed to by the seafarer under conditions which ensure that the seafarer has an opportunity to review and seek advice on the terms and conditions in the agreement and freely accepts them before signing.

We are ensure that seafarers are paid for their services/work regularly and in full in accordance with their employment agreements and payment are made at no greater than monthly intervals.

We are also ensure that seafarers have regulated hours of work or hours of rest and have adequate leave (those who are on permanent/fixed contracts) not contractors.

All seafarers have a right to be repatriated at no cost to themselves in the circumstances and under the conditions specified in the Code. They are entitled to adequate compensation in the case of injury, loss or unemployment arising from the ship’s loss or foundering.

We are also promote career and skill development and employment opportunities for seafarers. Our clients/cooperators ensure that seafarers have decent accommodation and recreational facilities on board and they have access to good quality food and drinking water provided under regulated hygienic conditions.

They are also protect the health of seafarers and ensure their prompt access to medical care on board ship and ashore. Norspol guarantee that seafarers are protected from the financial consequences of sickness, injury or death occurring in connection with their employment. Work environment on board ships promotes occupational safety and health.
Seafarers working on board a ship have access to shore-based facilities and services to secure their health and well-being.
Moreover we have on-board procedures for the fair, effective and expeditious handling of seafarer complaints alleging breaches of the requirements of MLC2006 Convention (including seafarers’ rights). It is prohibited to penalize and any kind of victimization of a seafarer for filing a complaint.

We do not accept any form of discrimination on the basis of sex, age, ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation, religion or political opinion. We adhere to applicable national and international human rights standards such as the United Declaration of Human Rights and to the ILO conventions regarding child labour, forced labour, non-discrimination, freedom of association and collective bargaining. We expect the same from all our clients.

We are always ensuring that present or potential Norspol cooperators are fullycertificated according MLC2006 and ISO standards. We do not accept any activities which might be understood as corruption. This includes acceptance of payment/gifts for being employed or achieving advantages which have not been achieved in a normal acceptable way.

We operate in accordance with the guidelines of ISO 9001: 2015. The company accomplishes its tasks / goals in an effort to meet the internal systems of its contractors to the best extent possible. The context of the organization reveals the needs and expectations of interested parties, that is Shipowners / contractors and seafarers (as a product) and employees of Norspol together with internal and external factors that may influence the organization's approach to setting and achieving their goals are illustrated by descriptions of PROCESSES and PROCEDURES being an integral part of QM and entire QMS. Frames and boundaries defining the scope of the QMS are referred to at the beginning of the QM and include all employees of Norspol in one location. The company's goals are directly derived from the Quality Policy communicated and known to all Norspol personnel. The scope of the leadership role of the management associated with planning and supervising perational activities, despite leaving the position of the QMR in the company, is clearly visible in all areas of QMS - Processes and Procedures described. Since the beginning of having ISO certificates, the company monitors all activities on an ongoing basis, conducting an assessment of the effects of operations, assessing the risks and threats to the QMS resulting, among others, from external and internal audits. He leads on their results but not only continuous improvement. This is illustrated by the few corrective actions taken so far to remove inconsistencies and the operation of liquidation of immediate threats or risks for QMS in order to improve it. The SWOT analysis is attached as Annex 6 to QM.


All the workers of Norspol Sp. z o.o. are aware of their responsibility for the quality of performed work.
Assuring high quality of our services we want to satisfy our customers’ expectations.
We are aware, that the customers expect services realized by highly qualified personnel, acting within effective and efficient organisation structure.
We present friendly attitude towards our customers, we meet their expectations and provide them with information. We would like to gain their trust and ensure, that all our activity is aimed at satisfying their needs.
We are committed for constant improvment of our QMS
Our main objective is selecting the personnel with possibly highest qualifications required for a particular position. This is what secures life safety of the seamen, as well as safety of load and ships.

Leszek Grzędzicki
Managing Director/25/11/2017

1. Objective and scope
Objective of the present process is realization of a service in accordance with conditions defined in a contract with a shipowner, within the time limit and conditions, satisfying for the shipowner.
Scope of the process includes crew recruitment, embarkment, disembarkment, and accidental death at work, illnes.

2. Input

Input for the process is the following:

  • Candidates’ database,
  • Shipowner requirements defined in a contract,
  • Candidates’ personal references.

3. Competence and responsibility

The person responsible for the process realization in accordance with QMS requirements and its improvement is MD.

The Managing Director (MD):

  • Is responsible for properly performed officers and crew selection and recruitment process,
  • In case of a candidate’s death is responsible for providing necessary help in setting up appropriate sums of back pay,
  • bonuses, allowances and retirements for the family,
  • Is responsible for the analysis of nonconformities reported by a shipowner.

The Senior Expert:

  • Is responsible for selection of the best possible candidates,
  • Is responsible for well organized and cost-efficient embarkment and disembarkment of the crew,
  • Is responsible for passing on to the officers instructions of embarkment and disembarkment, if necessary,
  • Is responsible for gathering information and introducing it to the Norspol database,
  • Recording all the nonconformities in the Norspol database.

4. Description of handling

4.4 Crew valuation

4.4.1 External crew

Before employing a seaman or an officer for the first time through Norspol, validity of documents required by the STCW95 Convention, e.g. seaman’s book etc.
Authenticity of diplomas owned by a candidate is checked through inquiry to the Maritime Offices. Each candidate undergoes English knowledge estimation and (computer) competence tests, aimed at estimation of professional knowledge and knowledge of conventions.
The tests are performed once for each new seaman or officer.
Basing on candidate’s professional background, the Experts checks also seaman or officer’s competences and confronts them with the shipowners’ requirements and own experience.
The Experts verifies at least three last contacts of a candidate in other agencies. Records of the agencies’ opinions are introduced into the Database.
After the above controlling procedures and verification of a candidate, the applications are forwarded to the shipowner, who employs particular seaman.

Test results and documents are registered in an electronic database and the paper documents are stored in the seamen’s folders.

Before sending a seaman, the Senior Expert performs final control of required documents.

4.4.2 Crew from the Norspol Database
Seamen are valuated on the vessel by the Capitan or the Senior Engineers. Valuation forms are sent to the shipowner. The shipowner sends the valuations to Norspol, where negative results are analyzed in case of a seaman’s improper behavior.
Norspol may refuse to employ a seaman with bad opinion from a shipowner, who reported his reservations.
The Experts ensures, that the valuation forms are kept in separate folders in alphabetical order. Everyone seaman is free to see his evaluation reports.

4.5 Crew recruitment

The Senior Expert initiates the recruitment process based on the offers from shipowners containing the requirements concerning the seamen.
If a shipowner does not provide appropriate information, the Expert will decide about recruitment based on candidates’ database, using the following data:

  • Type of vessel,
  • Age of vessel,
  • Size and condition of vessel,
  • Kind of drive,
  • Kind of load,
  • Work character on the vessel,
  • Various nationalities of the crew,
  • Other.

The Senior Expert chooses an appropriate candidate for particular position to fulfill shipowner contract requirements.

Candidates for work are chosen in the following way: From Norspol database, Through personal recommendations, Through co-operation with other agencies.

The Experts ensures, that:

  • Considered candidates filled properly the application form, if required by particular shipowner,
  • Received all the required documents,
  • Candidate has not been dismissed by the shipowner, he was directed to.

The Experts examines candidates’ responses in order to make sure whether basic requirements for related posts are fulfilled. Upon a shipowner’s demand the Senior Expert prepares list of candidates meeting the requirements. Then he contacts candidates starting with the most suitable one. When one of candidates is chosen, the Senior Expert informs him about the date and contract conditions and collects all the necessary documents.
Candidates must submit originals of certificates confirming their competence, e.g. professional diplomas, seaman’s book , certificates of professional training courses, other certificates, if required.
Copies of these documents are kept in the Norspol files.

4.5.1 Offer of employment

Candidates who passed the previous stage of recruitment sign a civil-law employment contract under the following conditions:

  • Medical examination by physicians accepted by Norspol or a shipowner,
  • Valid health certificates,
  • Declaration of obeying all the internal company requirements, as well as alcohol and drugs policy.
  • Employed seamen are informed about the obligation of passing on originals of health certificates to the vessel captain personally.
  • Copies of these certificates are kept in the Norspol files.

The Experts acquaints the employees with appropriate obligatory company procedures, including the following:

  • Policy of sea work safety,
  • Details of the shipowner’s requirements,
  • Explanation of the shipowner’s alcohol and drugs policy,
  • Explanation of insurance and damages,
  • Explanation of the Quality Management System in the company.
  • Working and resting hours
  • Complaints procedure
  • CHECK LIST recommended by contractors are filled.

The Experts collects documents necessary for receiving certificates in Norway (NIS), Liberia, Panama, Bahamas etc., in accordance with the requirements of sea administration of these countries.
After completing all the formalities and acceptance, the Senior Expert notifies the employees, providing them with the following data:

  • Starting date,
  • Time, place and instruction of receiving the salary.

Data of the employee, employed for the first time are introduced into the database.

4.6 Embarkment

For each seaman, Norspol delineates the way to the port, where the vessel is mooring. Seamen receive departure instructions before embarkment. Their presence in the company’s office may be required. Instructions may also be provided by phone, when the seamen cannot come to the company’s office. But the presence in the office is necessary, when discipline-related or other important issues arise.

Each seaman gets the Letter of Indemnity with the name, address and contact telephone number to the agent in particular location.

The Senior Expert is responsible for providing all the seamen with visas necessary for entering a vessel’s board or assures receiving them in the country of arrival.
The Captain and the Senior Engineer are reminded, that, on the board, they should pass on the duties, complete set of marine certificates, as well as full and detailed operation settlements, administrative instructions and vessel data.
The Captain and the Senior Engineer are reminded, that they should provide all the other officers with full and detailed information during taking over the vessel, considering the post, before the officers sign the delivery/acceptance act.
The Experts reminds all the seamen, that they should receive appropriate documents, when they take over their duties and pass them on to the next crew upon disembarkment.

4.6.1. Next embarkment on the same vessel

All seamen should be briefly instructed before next embarkment on the same vessel. This may require coming to the company. If the seamen do not come, the Experts will remit the instructions by telephone. Every time after disembarkation of the seaman the crewing agent checks his documents validity and informs him if some of them have to be renewed. This action is recorded on the data base system. The validity of seaman’s document is rechecked before his embarkation.

4.7 Disembarkment

Upon order of a shipowner Norspol organizes all the necessary matters connected with the seamen’s travel home from port of disembarkment.
Often the shipowner of an appointed agent takes over organization of disembarkment.
After coming back home (within 7 days), a seaman should notify Norspol about his comeback and submit possible notices on the course of work.

4.8. Accidents, death at work, illness of seafarers

Basis on electronic correspondence and telephone contacts with all Norspol clients ships the Senior Expert keeps contact with the all contracting parties regarding accidents on boards and illness of employed seafarers also during their leave.

  • Forwarding all information about accident to his family.
  • After consultation with contractor arranging back home trip and care about arrangement the best treatment in Poland.
  • Keeps update the contractor about treatment, sending fresh documents/reports form the hospital/doctor

All the information connected with the death of an employed seaman should be forwarded to the family.
The Director or the representing agency should contact the spouse or the family to:

  • Present condolences,
  • Ask for way of organizing the funeral of the employee (transport to the home or sea funeral).

After completing the above, ethnical and religious roots of the dead employee should be considered as well as health risk for the rest of the crew connected with postponed funeral.
If only possible, the Senior Expert should organize participation in the funeral of company representatives and bringing a chaplet or flowers.

4.8.1. Emergencies and personnel welfare.

  • Vessel in state of,,URGENCY’’ or ,,DISTRESS’’ or PIRACY ATTACK


Managing Director - Team Leader
QM Manager/Expert - Team Leader Ass/Co-ordin. QA & Safety
Senior Expert - Responsible Crew Manager
Junior Expert - Log Keeper

Team leader - all contingency activities are supervise and coordinate by him. He is personally involved in all decision making and also co-ordinate all media activities if so required.

Team Leader Assistant - assist the team/team leader and secure that all activities are being coordinated in accordance with governing quality rules & regulations. Acts as a one of the deputy team leader

Responsible Crew Manager – on standby under the A.O.H. telephone number. He is responsible for the good contact with the vessel and Owners/Managers. Assumes command until the Team Leader arrives and be introduced to the update situation. After that time acts as a one of the deputy team leader together with QM

Log Keeper - To be familiar with the vessel’s Name, Call sign, Flag and Position, and have a crew list ready for reference. Keeps the switch board ready with open office main number line +48 22-5111870
Take care about that the all incoming/relevant calls are linked to the Emergency Team.
Keeps record of all incoming calls and assist with other matters as required.
If accident is reported during office hours then be first handled by the responsible Crew Manager. He will report and coordinate it with the Managing Director, depending the seriousness of the incident.
If accident is reported after office hours the Crisis Management Team shall be formed by Managing Director at Agency office during the one hour in accordance with following Contingency levels:

Level Description Action level
1 Accident with no personal injuries or minor injury When the Norspol Crew Manager receives such information he reports it to the Managing Director. Trying to get from the Owner’s representative as much information as possible.
2 Aaccident with major injury or ship capable of urgency or danger, fire & explosion/collision, missing person, loos of lives, missing ship, piracy attack… When the Norspol Crew Manager receives such information he reports it to the Managing Director.
He decide if the Crisis Mngmnt Team will be alerted/informed/called together and/or if the office shall be manned during after office hours. If YES – Crew Manager acts as Team Leader(together with QM) until the Managing Director arrival. Both are entitled to contact the next of kin of all affected personnel. Log to be kept to document all activities from this level.

On the report from the concerned ship or from Owners, the Managing Director (MD) shall have the following managers and assistants mustered in the office within one hour.
- QMR (Quality Manager)
- Senior EXPERT and Junior EXPERT

The QMR and Senior EXPERT shall keep the next of kin of all personnel (on board) posted with up to date information.
No information will be given to the media without the approval of the relevant Owner/Manager.
The Managing Director shall if necessary brief the media persons but only after obtaining the permission from the Owners. He shall only relate the bare facts and shall not endeavour to include any comments.

When evacuation has been completed, the Senior EXPERT shall co-ordinate with the Owners/agents to arrange repatriation of the personnel to their homes by the quickest and safest routes possible. Excepting for senior officers who may be required to stay at the port all others shall be safely repatriated to their homes.

The Managing Director shall co-ordinate in securing compensation from Owners P&I Club Insurance Company for any loss of personnel effects of affected personnel.

  • Vessel reported missing

When routine position messages are not received from the vessel by Owners and the same is conveyed to the Company, Quality Manager and the Senior EXPERT shall contact the next of kin of all affected personnel and inform them of the situation. If the vessel reports in due course, the next of kin of all affected personnel shall be contacted and informed that normal conditions are prevailing on board. However if any crew member is missing or seriously injured is reported the same shall be conveyed immediately to the next of kin.

  • Injured or sick personnel

When shipboard personnel are relieved on grounds of sickness or injury the Managing Director shall co-ordinate with the Owners P&I Club to ensure that all admissible allowances and wages are paid to the sick or injured persons. In case of any injury to a person which could lead to loss of a limb or faculty the Managing Director shall co-ordinate with the Owners P&I Club to secure due compensation as per the rules permissible. This is apart from the wages and allowances the person shall receive during his treatment/convalescence at home.

  • Death

When a person dies on board the Senior EXPERT assisted by the QMR shall co-ordinate with the Owners/Agents to make all possible arrangements for transportation of body or arrange a local funeral as instructed by Owners. The next of kin as well as Seamen’s Employment Office shall be informed soonest possible, and without unnecessary delay, on receiving report of the death or disability.

The Managing Director shall co-ordinate with Owners P&I Club to secure due compensation as per the rules, to the next of kin.

A crisis Managemet team for all crisis and A.O.H. numbers of key persons is listed in Annexure 4 to Quality Manual.

The list of Hospital and address of hotel where families can be put in case of piracy attack or any other emergency is listed in Annexure 5 to Quality Manual.

4.8.2. On board Complaint Procedure

In order to maintain favourable working conditions and a high level of safety it is important that all seafarers have access and understanding of the On-board Complaint Procedure as laid down in the Maritime Labour Convention 2006. (MLC 2006).
To ensure this a, hard copy of this procedure shall be given to all seafarers before joining the units/vessels. Additionally it shall be available on-board when requested.
The Procedure ensures fair and effective handling of complaints made by the seafarer related to the requirements in MLC 2006, and no kind of victimization of or penalizing of the complaining seafarer is allowed.

If there is no other ,,on board complaint procedures’’ recommended by clients
this Procedure applies to all seafarers serving on all Norspol clients units/vessels, and shall be used for logging and handling MLC 2006 related complaints.

It is the Crewing Agency ( Senior Expert or Expert ) responsibility to ensure that all seafarers receive a hard copy of this procedure before joining the vessel/unit.

The MASTER/OIM is responsible for making the procedure available onboard. It shall be posted on information boards and also new hard copies given to the seafarers if requested.

The MASTER/OIM is responsible for maintaining the system with HSE Representative on board. Primarily this person shall be elected by the crew, but if elections are not possible the OIM shall appoint this person.

HSEQ - Health, Safety, Environment and Quality
OIM - Offshore Installation Manager
HSE Representative - Person elected on-board for the purpose of being the contact between on-board management and crew, and to give impartial advice in complaining issues.
DPA - Designated Person Ashore

All seafarer’s on-board Norspol clients units/vessels have the right to report specific complaints alleging breaks of the rules in MLC 2006.
One shall always seek to resolve complaints at the lowest level possible. However; if timely and satisfactory solutions are not achieved, the seafarers have the right to lodge the complaint directly to the MASTER/OIM or relevant appropriate authorities.
If the seafarer so wishes, he may seek advice and support from the HSE Representative on board.
The complaints shall always be made in writing and filed on board the vessel/unit with copy to the Norspol Office in Poland. Resolved complaints will be filed on board and by the Crewing Department in Norspol office in Poland.

PROCEDURE - (step by step) for the seafarers

- First address the supervisor in order to solve the issue.
- If the matter cannot be solved in mutual agreement the next level is Head of Department.
- If the complaint is not solved within 5 days, the seafarer can address the issue to the MASTER/OIM
- The MASTER/OIM will personally investigate and present a solution, if needed assisted by the Crewing Manager in NORSPOL.
- If the complaint is still not resolved, the next step is to contact the Crewing Manager in NORSPOL, and if safety issues are part of the complaint the DPA for the vessel/unit.
- If still not solved the seafarer is entitled to refer the complaint to the Flag state.

The Seafarer shall be given feedback on the result of the complaint handling without any delay on any level.

Download Complaints handling form


Crewing Manager responsible for all Norspol clients units/vessel
Slawomir CZUBASZEK e-mail:
Phone: +48 22-5111872; mob. +48 602-749344

Company DPA’s for the Offshore Fleet
Name and contact information shall be posted on information boards at all times onboard the vessel/units.

HSE Representative for the Vessel/Unit
Name shall be posted on information boards at all times onboard the vessel/units.

Flag state Competent Authority

1. Bahamas, MLC, 2006 Contact Point
Name: The Director of Labour, c/o The Bahamas
Maritime Authority, Shirlaw Street, P.O Box N-4679, Nassau, Bahamas,
Telephone number: +1 242 356 5772
Fax number: +1 242 356 5889
Email address:

Competent Authority/National Maritime administration of the seafarers’ country of residence
complaints for the crewing agency activities

Name: The Director of Maritime Office; 81-338 Gdynia, 10 Chrzanowskiego Str.,
tel. +48 58-355-3220
fax: +48 58-6203039

Complaints from the ship (on board complaint):
Name: The Director of Maritime Office; 81-338 Gdynia, 10 Chrzanowskiego Str.,
tel.+48 58-355-3220
fax: +48 58-6203039

Port State Contacts
Available and posted on information boards at all times onboard the units.

Record Keeping
Original records of the Complaints, supporting documentation included, shall be kept on file on the vessel/unit, copies shall be sent to the Crewing Department for filing in NORSPOL - for storage, detailed analysis and corrective action.

The record of the Complaints shall be maintained onboard and in NORSPOL for at least two (2) years.

4.8.3 Workplace Emergency Procedures

If an evacuation from your building is required due to an emergency such as fire alarm, gas leak, natural disaster or any other reason, office staff should always remember to stay calm, do not rush, and do not panic. It is very important to always leave the building immediately when directed by alarm activation, alert message or other notification. Notify other employees as you are exiting the building.
The following procedures should be followed in the event of an evacuation:

  • Safely stop all work in your area.
  • Gather your personal belongings if safe to do so - necessities only, in the event you cannot return to your building such as keys, wallet/purse, cell phones and medications, and remember only if it is safe to do so.
  • Proceed to the nearest exit. Do not use the elevator.
  • Proceed to the designated Emergency Assemble Area and account for the employees that were working in your area.
  • If you have information to offer in regards to the emergency, call Public Safety at 112 or Fire Bridge at 998 once you are in safe location.
  • Wait for instructions from Emergency Personnel.
  • Never re-enter the building or work area until you have been instructed to by Emergency Personnel.
In addition, it is important that all employees be aware of the locations of alternate exists and keep exit routes free and clear of obstructions. Until our workplace is functional again, all employees are ordered to work from homes, since our e-mail box and database are in cloud and can be accessed.

4.9 Identification
Documents of seamen are kept in folders and marked clearly with first name, surname and post of a seaman. The Norspol database contains each seaman’s history with all shipowners he was working for and all vessels of embarkment.